Why Is Your Traffic So Low? Quick Fixes to Increase Web Traffic in a Pinch

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Audience attention spans are spread thinner than ever, and marketers are feeling it. We’re under a lot of pressure to deliver high traffic counts to our CMOs, but market conditions are making it tough to accomplish this goal.

If you Google “how much content exists on the Internet,” you don’t even get a direct answer—the closest thing you’ll find is a size approximation stating that the indexed World Wide Web contains at least 4.73 billion pages.

If you want audiences to find your content, you need to take the time to become discoverable. For instance, you’ll want to focus on growing your subscriber base and SEO—both elements of a healthy, viable, and long-term content strategy.

But what if you’re in a pinch and need to increase your web traffic right now? How do you tap into an instant audience to start generating web traffic immediately?

Kapost’s Demand Gen Playbook has a great guide to distribution opportunities broken down by each stage of the conversion funnel. Here are the channels that can help you ramp up your traffic counts faster:

1. Launch a Paid Acquisition Campaign

Paid acquisition can be a great way to source new audiences at all stages of the conversion funnel. With platforms like Taboola and Outbrain, you can syndicate your headlines to run on sites like CNN, Slate, Forbes, and more. You’ll pay for this traffic on a cost-per-click basis, and you can use analytics tools to see how your campaigns perform.

When running a paid acquisition campaign you can easily exhaust your budget, so make sure you design your campaign wisely. Send traffic to your highest-converting content pages, and make sure that your calls to action (CTAs) are clear.

Start with a comfortable budget, see what performs, and increase your spend from there.

2. Tap Into Your Professional and Partner Network

Your company doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You likely have a number of clients, vendors, partners, and friends who are excited to support your work. Just like you have an active presence on social media, so do they.

If you’re looking for more traffic, ping your network. Identify the piece of content you want to share, and then ask a small group of people to promote it on their social channels. Frame it as a simple question: “Would your social media audience find this article valuable?”

Offer to return the favor—and stay true to your word. When it comes to navigating the struggles of content distribution, we’re all in it together.

3. Find Hidden Email Marketing Opportunities

You probably have an email list set up for your blog. But what about the rest of your company? What emails are currently being sent?

There may be an opportunity for you to (tactfully) plug in some content. Some ideas:

  • If your PR team sends a newsletter to journalists, consider linking back to some content on your blog
  • If your HR team manages an employee portal or newsletter, share a few articles from your blog there
  • If you send a lot of transactional emails (invoices, electronic receipts, onboarding memos), incorporate a few blog pieces

Your company sends a lot of email each day—many of which are automated and transactional in nature. Why not make a reader’s day with an awesome, unique piece of blog content?

Even though your biggest wins with content marketing will happen over the long term, there are a few small steps you can take right now.

Audiences are all around you; it’s time to get creative with how you reach them.

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