Kapost Expands Integrations With New Content Partners

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As companies scale their content operations, they frequently find they’re missing important content creation resources. Maybe they don’t have enough writers or they could use the help of an extra designer or videographer. Whatever the case, this lack of resources makes it harder for them to develop the content they need to reach their customers.

Over the past few months, we’ve been expanding our partnerships to include a variety of top content production partners who can help companies create great original content for their audiences. By working with those partners, companies can fill their content production gaps and create more content for their audiences.

Are you having trouble with your own content throughput? Take a look at our new partners and see if one of them would help you fill your content gaps:


Scripted – Scripted makes it easy to get original written content from a community of global writing experts.

Ebyline – Ebyline is another great community of writers that makes it easy to get original written content from experts.

SmartShoot – Find photographers and videographers on demand to help you create custom photos, videos, and more.

Getty Images – Getty is one of the most well respected stock photography companies in the world. Find exactly the right photo for your project with Getty’s extensive library.

Curata – Curata helps content marketers curate great ideas from news and social media, and then turn those ideas into original content.

Column Five – Column Five is a full service illustrated content vendor who creates original visual assets, including original infographics, videos, presentations, and more.

Visage – Visage is a spin off of Column Five that lets marketers create infographics and presentations using a templatized DIY approach.

Visual.ly – With a global network of visual asset creators, Visual.ly makes it easy to get assets from their marketplace of infographic designers, interactive developers, animators, and professional data journalists.

Are you interested in learning more about how these vendors can help you with your Kapost content creation? Contact your Client Success Manager to learn more or contact us here.

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