Kapost Unveils Kapassion, Helping You Manage Your Love Life

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At Kapost, we’ve dedicated our company to a single mission: helping marketers use content to build and nurture relationships at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

But there’s one road more profound, more powerful than the path to purchase.

The quest for true love.

Just as digital and content strategy are critical to the modern marketer, strategic online engagements have become paramount to the modern dater. 40% of the single population in the United States have tried online dating, which equates to 40 million Americans looking to weave an (inter)web of love.

With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce a new Kapost product: Kapassion.

Created for those seeking soulmates through the strategic use of online channels, Kapassion applies the streamlined technology of content marketing software to the pursuit of partnership.

From your next e-book to your next e-boo, we’ve got you covered.

“We just love love,” explains Mike Lewis, President of Kapost. “When we saw how well Kapost helps marketers cultivate relationships, we thought, wait a minute, we’re not thinking big enough here.” And so Kapassion was born.

Now integrated with all major online dating sites, Kapassion helps lovebirds everywhere manage digital flirtations and connections. Features include:

  • Kapassion_SoftwareAll-in-one platform. Manage all of your profiles and messages in one customizable platform. This single platform will make sure you’re anything but.
  • Manage your social calendar. Worried about double-booking, or not having a date for next Friday night? View and schedule all upcoming engagements in one, easy-to-use calendar.
  • Tailor your message. For more effective targeting, use persona functionality to tag and organize messages or invitations by “type,” as well as “relationship stage.” Custom fields allow you to filter by details that matter to you such as location, employment status, and more!
  • Up your game. Analyze the effectiveness of your content by interactions, response rates, opportunities created, and dates completed.
  • Timing is everything. Map out important tasks and key timelines. After all, you don’t want to blow a great opportunity because you forgot to make a reservation, or didn’t call after your first date.

From a single mission to the mission of singles, Kapost is here to help you fall in love.

Ready? Hopefully not—because this is 100% fake. April Fools!


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