What Is a Microblog?

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Team Kapost

If this is your first time hearing the word “microblog,” I know exactly what you’re thinking.

Common misconception.

But here’s the actual definition, according to Kapost:

Microblogs are shorter form blogs, which allow users to exchange small elements of content such as single sentences, individual images, or video links.

Now, the term “microblog” might not get thrown around in everyday conversation, but chances are you’ve used a microblog today. In fact, most popular social media sites are considered microblogs, since they offer people the opportunity to share short messages and links.

Like consumers, companies have found some inventive uses for microblogs, on both the external and internal fronts:

External Marketing and Customer Service

Today, it’s almost considered table stakes for mid-sized and larger companies (and even some smaller ones, depending on the industry) to use Twitter for marketing and customer support. It’s a great place for companies to show a more human side, speak directly with customers, share content, and offer news. (See Adweek’s list of the best brands on Twitter last year.)

Tumblr is another microblogging site that’s developed a big following in recent years. Like other social media, it remains a primarily peer-to-peer site, but companies are finding creative ways to use Tumblr to connect with their audiences as well.

Internal Communications and Building Company Culture

Companies are also instituting internal microblogs to keep workers connected and help foster more informal communication, particularly organizations with large or remote workforces. With Yammer, which was bought by Microsoft in 2012, enterprises can set up private social networks exclusively for their employees to share project updates, photos, links, and personal/casual information.

Lack of internal communication is a huge pain point for businesses, particularly in the enterprise, and microblogs are one way to break down those silos and build community.

Has your company found any other creative ways to use microblogs? Tell us about it in the comments!

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