Revisions for All Content Types

1 minute read

Upland Admin

The Kapost product team has made some really great additions to the way you can do content revisions inside your Kapost instance.

Previously, you could only review all of your revisions for blog posts or other content types with html body types. Now you can see all the versions for document and video content body types including the likes of eBooks, whitepapers, slideshare decks, videos, etc. 

Here is a screenshot of an eBook in Kapost. You can see all the versions at the bottom. Click “view” on any of the revised versions to follow the content’s evolution. We will always show the latest, most current version in the window view and when you publish to a specific destination from Kapost, it will publish the latest version.

If you have any further questions about setting it up in your Kapost instance, please send us a note.

You can follow @KapostSupport for additional feature updates.

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