Quick Tips for Starting a Content Board in the Enterprise

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You can’t scale content in an enterprise without getting your company—or key stakeholders—to embrace the value of content. One of the best ways to promote internal buy-in is to establish a content board.

What Is a Content Board?

A “content board” is a gathering of key internal stakeholders within the organization who have insight into the goals and needs of the company as well as your buyers. And to provide value, a board must pull people from outside marketing.

“Just because your content organization gets together and discusses initiatives, it doesn’t mean you have a content board,” explains Rupal Patel, Strategy Director at Kapost. “A board needs to bring in those other stakeholders to drive your content strategy, which should always be closely aligned with sales and product.”

An established content board kills two birds with one stone:

  1. You gain additional insight into the themes and content that will resonate with buyers.
  2. Your internal stakeholders have the floor, feel listened to, and get to see their impact on the content plan. Together, these two points buoy buy-in, and provide excellent fodder for content ideas and campaigns.

3 Tips for Starting a Content Board

Here are three tips for starting a content board from Rupal Patel, who works with Kapost customers to get their content operations up and running.

  • Schedule meetings quarterly, or plan around major milestones that happen in your company,” says Patel. “It helps people understand your focus, and gives them context for the goals of content and the organization.”
  • “Be strategic about how you introduce the content board. I had a customer change the name from ‘Content Board’ to ‘Content Collaboration Session.’ She wanted the people involved to see it as our meeting, not just marketing’s meeting.”
  • “Start your content board with credibility and organization. Create a meeting mission statement, a really good agenda, and make sure you have key topics to work with.”

By getting your company involved in the content process, you’re setting your enterprise content operation up for success. Not only does it help your content team generate more useful content, but it gets the broader company interested and invested in the content created.

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