The Week in Content Marketing: Campaign Checklists, Content Culture & More

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Rounding up the best tips, tricks, and ideas in content marketing. Share your favorite sources with us in the comments or via email.

Photo Credit: Gerhardt Himmelmann via Flickr

Photo Credit: Gerhardt Himmelmann via Flickr

What is Content Marketing and How to Include it in your Marketing Mix: Sometimes, it’s refreshing to revisit the content marketing basics, especially when they’re examined in a clear and clever voice. Let me give you an example: “I’m not trying to sell you on Batman. I’m not trying to sell you on religion. I’m selling you on understanding the importance and value you can provide as a business through content marketing.” The author, Ross Simmonds, also includes some old-school print ads that teach us a thing or two. Via Steamfeed

The Path to Social Media Success in 2013: A 12-Month Plan: Content marketers understand the importance of publishing valuable information in manageable, scannable chunks. Make it visually interesting and bingo, you’ve got yourself one shareable piece of content. For all of these reasons and more (like providing us with brilliant 12-month strategy), we’re loving this infographic on how to find social media success in 2013. Via MarketingProfs

25 Questions To Ask When Executing B2B Content Marketing Campaigns: From a 12-month plan to a 25 question checklist. Yes, please. We’re all about repeatable processes and workflow, but creating a content marketing strategy can be a complicated affair. But these 25 questions–and, of course, the answers–will help frame your initiatives without missing a single action item. Via Search Engine Land

5 Killer Content Marketing Campaigns: We love roundups (obviously), especially ones that spark ideas. So if you’re ever struggling, take advice from your high school English teacher and start by imitating the masters. So here are 5 examples of mastery in content marketing to inspire your own strategy. Via Business to Community

How to Cultivate a Content Culture at Your Company: We decided to end this week’s roundup with a topic very near and dear to our hearts: creating a content culture. We love everything about it, including the alliteration. On that note, let’s have some Friday fun. Your colleagues could be  contributing copious amounts of content to your calendar. After all, they’re communicating with customers and contemplating client needs every day. By encouraging content collaboration and creativity company-wide, your content marketing strategy will crush the competition. Via Hubspot

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