The State of Agile Marketing


Webinar Highlights

  • Why traditional marketing teams are going Agile (and why you should too)
  • The greatest barriers to Agile marketing (and how to overcome them)
  • The Agile techniques that work best for marketers (because we love to make things our own)

Should your team go Agile?

When we teamed up with AgileSherpas to survey hundreds of marketers for the 1st Annual State of Agile Marketing Report, we found that 37% of marketing teams are using an Agile process. And that number is only going to grow, with 61% of traditional marketers planning to go Agile within the next year.

Want to find out how your team can increase its agility?

See what we found out when we sat down with Andrea Fryrear, President and Lead Trainer at Agile Sherpas





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