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Product capabilities

Be the first and better serve your audience

Understand and act on your audience’s interests, preferences, and activities with rich analytics

  • Leverage market-leading analytics capabilities to paint a clear picture of your audiences.
  • Utilize mobile app channels to send breaking news and updates straight to your audience’s phone.
  • Pinpoint where in the journey your viewers are dropping off to continually optimize their experience

Boost engagement and increase subscriber acquisition

Drive engagement and boost subscriber acquisition by delivering content you know they’ll love in real-time.

  • Create personalized campaigns at scale to hook your viewers and improve pay wall success
  • Engage with your viewers throughout their journey to improve retention and engagement
  • Send notifications relating to their subscriptions and notify them of new shows to provide a tailored app experience

Back to Basics: Your Guide to Building an Effective Mobile Engagement Strategy

Learn the building blocks of effective mobile engagement strategies


Streaming service realized a 225% increase in videos played by providing personalized push notifications based on customer preferences and viewing history.


News media company incorporated a personalized app engagement and paywall strategy resulting $14.75 million in subscription revenue from the app in the first 6 months.


Companies can experience 58% higher open rates and a 78% increase in clickthrough conversion rates by personalizing their mobile app campaigns using both profile and behavioral data.

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