3 Questions to Ask to Increase Conversion Rates

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Do you know where customers are falling off on their way to making a purchase?

Personalization and location-based messaging are quickly becoming must-have components of a strong retail marketing strategy. How can retailers leverage digital strategies to drive more in-store and website visits and increase conversion rates?

The secret is in your app. Or rather, in how well you use it to create truly personalized messaging that (re)engages users in real time. Re-engage your customers as they pass through your mobile store or when new merchandise arrives that your digital intel recommends for them. But before you can re-engage and increase more conversion, you need to know why people are not converting. Here are three questions to probe as you investigate the situation:

  1. Where in the buyer’s journey are you losing people? 

At what point are you losing people? Is there more than one point in the journey? Are people abandoning their carts? In the Localytics Funnels report, you’ll see how many customers progress from discovery, to consideration, to purchase. You can build your own step-by-step funnels to align with your customer’s unique journey, too. You’ll quickly see patterns of customer behavior. This intel will reveal exactly where and when users are dropping off.

  1. Why are they dropping off? 

When you know when people are exiting, you can start to look at that precise point and examine the factors that may be playing into their decision. Are you over communicating or not communicating enough? What does your buyer’s journey actually feel like? Have each person on your team go through it as if they were a customer and see where any points of frustration, gaps in information, irritation, or a break in the omnichannel experience may be happening. Look through your app’s data to pinpoint where the problem exists and investigate reasons it’s there and not somewhere else. Remember, only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers will complain, the rest just walk away. So, don’t rely on your customers to tell you when something’s not working for them.

  1. What will make them re-engage?

Obvious fixes should be addressed. But you’ll need to look at the situation in the context of the overall customer experience. People buy from brands that give a seamless omnichannel experience. Your digital intel will reveal when you have a pattern of customers dropping out; which means that enough people are experiencing something similar to make them not purchase from you. What do these people need? What needs to be fixed or improved? And how can you surprise and delight them in ways that will win them over? You may need to improve your targeted messaging campaigns or adjust your app’s UX/UI.

Put your app to work for better conversion

Retailers that use Localytics have found that their app customers are 5 times more valuable than customers who don’t use the app. Engaging customers via your app is a powerful way to show up in their lives at just the right time without being intrusive. You can personalize based on specific items they’ve viewed, how many times they’ve viewed it, the brand, price, etc. You can create abandoned cart campaigns and use location-based messaging to connect. Localytics empowers you to engage users as they pass your store, even if they don’t have the app open. You’ll also improve store visits by highlighting merchandise that has just arrived, reminding customers of unspent store credit or sales dates, and communicating with customers in ways that are helpful—not annoying.

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