Why eCommerce Mobile Apps Fail

It’s easy to look at the continuous rise in mobile app usage, and the success of the most popular mobile apps, and think you’d like the same for your business.

After all, why wouldn’t you? For some retail and consumer brands the success of their mobile apps has helped to maintain, or achieve, household recognition across the globe. However, this level of success doesn’t always happen. In fact, approximately 80-90% of mobile apps launched are abandoned after a single use, with the average mobile app losing an estimated 77% of their Daily Active Users within three days of installation.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. If you’re worried about the success of your app, there are certain measures you can take to avoid failure and increase your chances of success on the app stores.

Our handy guide is designed to help you identify:

  • the common mistakes that contribute to a mobile app’s failure
  • the most important metrics to focus on when measuring success
  • tactics for how you can re-establish your mobile app engagement strategy

Download your copy now to see how you can get more ROI from your eCommerce mobile app.


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