Back 2 Basics: Mobile App Marketing 101: Strategies & Insights

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Team Localytics

Editor’s Note: At Localytics, we’ve been writing about mobile app marketing on our blog for well over 3 years. And while we’re always looking to provide you the latest and greatest news and insights in the mobile industry, sometimes it’s important to take a step back and reset. 

Our blog audience has grown pretty significantly over the past three years, and the spectrum of mobile knowledge spans from beginner to advanced. After building our base, we now primarily focus on intermediate and advanced blog topics and will continue to do so. 

But in the interest of getting some of our newer audience members up to speed with mobile app marketing features and logos, we’re launching a “Back 2 Basics” mini-series.


Mobile App Marketing 101: Strategies & Insights

So you’re investing in a mobile app. Now what? Cue mobile app marketing.

What do we mean by mobile app marketing?

Fundamentally, there are two “buckets” of app marketing:

  1. Advertising to people in an effort to acquire new users.
  2. Tapping into mobile messaging tools that drive retention from the people who already use your app.

And at the foundation of every successful mobile marketing strategy is app analytics. App analytics provide you with the user insights you need to optimize your strategy and ensure that your messaging is resonating with audience.

Intuition will only get you so far, and then comes data. Understanding things like preferences, location, and in-app behavior about your user base allows you to serve up that highly personalized app experience they’ve grown to expect. After all, mobile is intrinsically personal in nature, so your strategy needs to be too.

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