Localytics Teams Up With Movable Ink

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At Localytics we’re all about helping brands deliver engaging customer experiences driven by optimized personalization, that lead to deeper, long-lasting relationships. And like any savvy brand knows, nurturing a customer relationship takes more than a few broadcast push messages or a daily email blast. Customers expect brands to understand them and create interactions that are tailored to their preferences, interests and actions.

Crafting these customized experiences requires a lot of data and the right engagement tools to make this data actionable. At Localytics we provide you with the data, analytics, and the engagement tools, but we also partner with top companies to help you get even more out of your Localytics solution so you can further optimize and personalize your user interactions and do so across additional channels and platforms.

And to keep this going we’re launching a new partnership with Movable Ink, a leader in enabling brands to create personalized visual marketing experiences. This partnership means you can now use Localytics’ powerful data capabilities to generate intelligent and rich email content (visuals and copy) based on a user’s behavior in your mobile app, so you can provide seamless and customized communications to your customers.

We make this possible by enabling Movable Ink customers to tap into the Localytics Profile API from the Movable Ink platform, allowing clients to generate creative and dynamic email content through Movable Ink based on real-time app behaviors and preferences provided through Localytics.

The Localytics Profile API allows you to pull in data from your app users such as last product or category browsed, last app open, duration of their last app engagement, if they have push notifications enabled, and even custom attributes of your choice. Being able to tap into this data and utilize it for email means you can run intelligent, personal email campaigns that give your customers the unified brand experience they expect.

Through this partnership you can craft campaigns that hit a variety of marketing goals, from growing customer engagement and retention, to increasing revenue. To make a direct impact on your bottom line, you can create emails promoting products or categories that your user browsed in the app to help nail the purchase. And to promote customer engagement and retention you can create cross-channel campaigns that encourage users to take certain actions within your app, like enabling push notifications, or you can run re-engagement campaigns for app users who haven’t logged in for a while.

Our partnership with Movable Ink will change the way you approach cross-channel communications, and there is even more to come. Stay tuned for our next announcement that will bring the integration with Movable Ink and Localytics to the next level.

Ready to learn more? You can check out some more details on our Movable Ink & Localytics integration here. And if you’re attending Movable Ink’s Think Summit this October, stop by our booth to chat with the Localytics team. If you can’t meet us in person, get in touch with us here.

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