Voter Registration & Get Out the Vote

Upland Mobile Messaging makes it possible to reach more people and drive them to the polls when it counts the most.

Whether you are trying to register more voters, inform people of new voter ID laws, or simply drive voters to their designated polling place, Upland Mobile Messaging can help you reach constituents with the appropriate information. Create polls and surveys to learn more about your list, provide links to additional resources, and schedule reminders for upcoming deadlines to drive voter turnout.

How It Works

Upland Mobile Messaging’s text messaging tools will help you grow your list, increase your supporter outreach, and drive voters to the polls.

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Guide people through the voter registration process

Offer assistance and resources to help people complete their registration

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Help voters create a voting plan

Remind voters of voter ID laws and requirements for early and absentee voting

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Drive voters to the polls on election day

Set up a polling place locator and increase voter turnout

Still have Questions?

Case Study

New York City and State of New Jersey

A text message polling place locator was created and used 250K times. 

Case Study


Univision SMS text messaging campaign led to over 200,000 new voters.

Case Study

Wendy Davis for Governor Campaign

Mobile list growth to tens of thousands of voters and potential voters.

Case Study

The League of Conservation of Voters

Used text messaging campaign to increase voter tournout, recruit volunteers and more.