Upland Mobile Messaging Features

Self-service, Out-of-the-box Solution for Managing Cross Channel Mobile Messaging Campaigns

Upland Mobile Messaging’s web-based mobile messaging platform makes it easy to get started with SMS/MMS messaging, while our features are scalable to meet the needs of the most sophisticated mobile marketers. Our secure servers process millions of 2-way text messaging conversations and phone calls. Our customizable backend database integrates with the most popular 3rd-party CRM & email providers and can be easily extended with our API.

SMS Text Messaging

Build and deliver intelligent, data-driven SMS campaigns directly from our platform. Engage your entire list and have one-on-one text message conversations.

  • Send highly personalized messages based on any type of user data (metadata, segmentation, dynamic insertion)
  • Choose self-service SaaS, API or fully managed service
  • Build your mobile list with multi-channel opt-ins
  • View and filter incoming text messages in an SMS inbox


Create a rich-media customer experience beyond 160 characters.

  • Send pictures, audio, video and animations that are automatically optimized for carrier specs and best experience on the customer’s handset
  • Send dynamically personalized video, images and animated GIFs
  • Grow your list by rewarding users for sharing pictures with friends

Mobile CRM

Relevance and context let you craft a personalized mobile experience for every customer.

  • Manage all mobile communications from one place
  • Detailed profiles track every user and every text message, click, and call
  • Capture and save customer profile and preference data via text interactions
  • Deliver messages based on CRM triggers and Smart Segmentation
  • Flexible APIs integrate with all leading CRM systems for real-time synchronization/sharing

Reports and Analytics

Analyze your campaign performance at all levels and track every action.

  • Track every text, call, and click; identify patterns from usage reports
  • Conduct A/B split tests to hone your messages
  • View interactive graphs to see your campaign performance over time
  • Export data from the Upland Mobile Messaging platform any time as CSV, XML, or HTML

Scheduling and Targeting

Reach the right person at exactly the right moment.

  • Segment your list to send targeted messages
  • Deliver messages based on daytime or CRM triggers/attributes
  • Send customized messages based on a unique date for each user
  • Schedule your message now or in the future, automatically adjusting for time zones

Live SMS Chat

Respond to your users instantly and answer questions via SMS.

  • Respond to users in real-time or at your convenience
  • Let multiple agents respond to incoming messages with our call center inspired ticketing system
  • Quickly reply to FAQs with pre-written responses

Phone Calls

Run highly effective call campaigns and measure the results in real-time.

  • Let customers respond to surveys, appointment reminders, and payments through interactive voice response and keypad triggers
  • Connect constituents with their state or federal legislators
  • Give supporters key talking points before connecting them
  • Track incoming calls in real-time and measure the impact


Make it simple for donors to support your cause, no matter where they are.

  • Make it easy for supporters to give directly to your organization with text-to-give
  • Remind donors to contribute to your campaign with targeted text messages
  • Trigger larger online donations through your CRM with SMS Quick Donate

Survey, Polls, and Quizzes

Run surveys and quizzes to gather information and save results right to users’ profiles.

  • Text multiple choice questions and view real-time results of user responses
  • Automatically save responses to users’ profiles into unlimited custom fields
  • Segment users based on their responses for targeted engagement

Information Lookup

Help people find the information they need with a simple text message.

  • Text a zip code to find local resources, such as a store locator, the closest bus, or where to vote
  • Inform people about current issues with an educational text message campaign
  • Upload a database of information to create an accessible on-the-go resource

Mobile Wallet Marketing

Create, distribute and manage all types of non-payment wallet content.

  • Offer loyalty cards, coupons, promotions, and more
  • Deliver scannable mobile passes by direct mail, email, SMS/MMS, and app push channels
  • Use wallet object to send notification alerts, and update saved wallet passes
  • Consolidate offers and loyalty info in one place—no app to download
  • Eliminates the friction of multiple inboxes, paper coupons, and plastic cards

Gamification Elements

Add rich-media gamification elements and interactions such as coupons, contests, surveys, and social sharing.

  • Send scratchable coupons, match games and other rich media experiences
  • MMS coupons and loyalty reward cards can create wallet passes
  • Use emojis to trigger targeted SMS or email
  • Triggered messages for “buy online/pick up in-store” orders

Grow App Engagement

Use Upland Mobile Messaging to drive app engagement.

  • Send unique offers and product updates
  • Use our dynamic API to automatically deliver alerts
  • Send alerts on a schedule or in real time

Open API

Easily extend our platform with our API.

  • Easy to use REST API
  • Send text messages, trigger calls, access reporting, and more
  • Sync your mobile data with an existing customer database

Security and Privacy

Comprehensive policies, procedures, and technical controls ensure the security and privacy of your information.

  • Industry standard security and encryption technologies are used to prevent sensitive data from being observed during transmission across networks
  • PII and PHI such as phone numbers are de-identified for HIPAA compliance
  • Trusted by governments and healthcare organizations around the world

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