Upland Mobile Messaging Powers over 1 Billion Messages in October 2020

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Team Mobile Messaging

While many people spent the last few days of October finalizing their Halloween plans, the Upland Mobile Messaging team was excitedly watching our messaging numbers.

Okay, we were preparing for Halloween too, but in the meantime, we kept one eye on our messaging count for the month so we could witness a different kind of treat:

We helped our customers send over one billion messages in a month.

graph showing text messaging growth in 2020

That’s one billion. Nine zeroes.

Over 1,000,000,000 left our platform in the month of October 2020.

For us, this is an important milestone that marks our steady growth. But more importantly, it’s a testament to the hard work of our teams behind the scenes, as well as our customers, who continue to trust us to connect them with their audiences in a time when mobile connections are more important than ever.

What It Takes to Send 1 Billion Text Messages in a Month

We’re proud to have reached this milestone, and we’re extremely grateful to the people who have made it possible.

Of course, if we thanked everyone individually, that list might take another billion messages. Instead, we’ll single out a few groups in particular:

  • Product: Here at Upland Mobile Messaging, our product team works tirelessly to provide a platform that best serves our customers. The result? A platform that makes it easy to engage your mobile audience, no matter how large it is.
  • Development: Our developers bring the product vision to life, building and maintaining the infrastructure needed to deliver a billion messages. It’s not as easy as it looks – and it doesn’t exactly look easy to begin with! – so we’re grateful that they keep Upland Mobile Messaging up and running.
  • Customer Success: Our mobile messaging experts are second to none. Each member of our Customer Success team puts their unique industry expertise to work for our customers, helping them grow and engage their mobile audience to great success.
  • Customers: Most of all, we’d like to thank our customers. In a year of uncertainty, our customers have trusted our solution to stay “connected through change” with their audience (and employees), as well as pivot their strategy towards new, innovative use cases.

Here’s to many more billions of messages!

We’re proud to provide a solution with the scalability, reliability, and security to power the campaigns of leading organizations – no matter how large those campaigns may be – and we look forward to delivering billions more messages.

To learn how we can help you engage your mobile customers, talk to us today.


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