5 Easy Ways to Drive Retail Customers In-Stores

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For online retailers, new customers mean more business. In addition to traditional tools like discounts, there are many other easy ways that could be used to attract more customers.

We live in the golden age of online marketing, so we need to take advantage of everything is has to offer. The retail marketing has experienced a significant change in the recent years by moving from reactive to proactive, as more customer-related data becomes available, so using this data provides amazing benefits.

Shopping has always been a personal experience because every customer needs to be provided not only with an excellent product but also with an incredible service. The data says how this experience can be improved.

To make sure that both of these requirements are met and more customers are attracted to your store, one can use these easy ways.

1. Management of social media updates

Online retailers, like many other stores, can greatly benefit from using social media. However, persuading someone to like the page or become a follower is quite different from persuading to be active and discuss the news and products of the retailer.

To achieve this goal, retailers need to manage social media conversations about them. There are several options to do it. Use one of the most popular tools like Hootsuite, or use College papers writing service for managing your Social Media campaign. Though it was originally developed for posting updates on social media, it could be used as an excellent social media management tool as well.

In addition to viewing social media pages and posting information there, one can review conversations and messages and track what people are saying about the business. As the result, a Hootsuite user can get an insight into online conversations about the store and see how services can be improved.

2. Mobile programs

Do you have a mobile program for your store? If you don’t, that might be what’s missing. Your competitors are all building lists of loyal mobile subscribers that they can communicate with whenever they need to.

Mobile programs are great for improving the shopping experience and boosting customer engagement. Plenty of retailers are heavily invested in apps which is great however only 6% of customers will ever even download your app, let alone use it. In other words, 94% of your customer database won’t ever touch your mobile app.

A well-designed mobile program is useful for driving sales, foot traffic, raising awareness about events, products, and even new store locations.

The possibilities are endless.

3. Email Marketing

Don’t overlook the power of emails to acquire new customers because the stats paint a pretty impressive picture. For example, email has an average return-on-investment of $38 for each $1 spent. Or how about emails having an average order value of at least three times higher than that of social media?

All of this is possible thanks to a wide range of converting opportunities. An average email sent to a customer contains information about upcoming sales, discounts, newsletter, and special offers like gift cards.

Moreover, emails can be personalized to provide potential customers with relevant information. For example, by letting them choose what they receive could really boost their interest in interacting with the brand.

4. Videos

Consumer demand for video is one the rise. Retailers are beginning to take advantage of this tool as well, and for a good reason. As described by a recent Animoto survey discovered that the number of participants who would rather watch a video about a product than read about it was four times higher.

Videos thus can be a great tool for attracting customers for retailers. For example, they could be featured on the official site’s blog, They could be added to product pages as tutorials. The customers’ attention will be captured because you will be offering them a helpful content that will help fulfill a need for them.

The most popular videos that could be used by retailers are how-to videos and thought leadership videos. Both types of videos provide the customers with tips for success and answer their common questions.

Producing and using videos would also be easy for retailers, since not a lot of resources are needed.

Moreover, the most effective videos are short and to the point, so no movie-like budgets here.

5. Promoted Pins Campaign on Pinterest

In addition to being a great procrastination tool, Pinterest is a very useful tool for retailers in terms of promotion. The first thing that everyone should understand about Pinterest before using it for business purposes is that it’s not a social media platform. It’s a search engine.

One can launch a Promoted Pins campaign to direct viewers to your pins by providing keywords to the posts. For example, if you’re a retailer who sells women’s accessories, you could be the following keywords: “accessories for her,” “women’s jewelry,” “stylish accessories,” and so on.

The store’s exposure and reach will be increased with Promoted Pins because they ensure that the posts are seen by more people than those with regular pins. One of the main reasons for that is the longer lifespan of a promoted pin (much longer than several days, as with regular pins).

There are several goals a retailer can achieve by running a Promoted Pins campaign, including raising awareness, increasing engagement, and driving traffic to the store. The effectiveness of the campaign has been proven by many retailers, as evident on the Pinterest’s Success Stories page.

It is also should be noted that Pinterest campaigns allow to target specific audiences. For example, one can target customers based on location, language, device, and gender.

The Bottom Line

There are some great and relatively easy ways to attract more customers to your retail store. Either by focusing on mobile apps, email marketing, or Pinterest, one can really advance the business and achieve more. Feel free to take advantage of the tips provided in this article and let them be useful for you!

Diana Clark is a Small Business Coach and a Passionate Writer. Diana discovers new business tips, suggests best solutions for business relations development and provides awesome resume templates at College papers. Connect Diana on Linkedin.

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