Growing Your Mobile List with Social Media

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When a user joins your mobile list, you get a powerful direct connection to that user. For nonprofits, this connection can be used to educate supporters, coordinate volunteers, and drive donations, which makes growing your mobile list a key part of your success.

One way to grow your mobile list is by putting your social media audience to use.

While social media is a great channel for going wide and growing awareness, it can be hard to cut through the noise and foster deep connections with individuals in your social audience. Though you may have an audience of thousands (or more), social algorithms typically prevent your message from being seen by all but a small fraction of your audience. If you use your social reach to funnel followers into your mobile audience, you can directly engage these users and increase their lifetime value through targeted mobile messaging.

Our latest case study shows how Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) turned to their social audience to grow their mobile list.

NRDC created three inventive social media campaigns that enabled them to grow their mobile audience organically by posting mobile calls-to-action across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Throughout these campaigns, NRDC invited users to text keywords in exchange for educational information or ways to help support specific causes. In one campaign, NRDC used Upland Mobile Messaging’s mConnect (text-to-call) feature to provide their supporters with an easy way to call the governor and make their voice heard.

Ultimately, these social media campaigns resonated with NRDC’s social followers because they covered the issues that matter most to their audience in creative ways. This shared interest allowed NRDC to efficiently convert these concerned citizens into committed members of their mobile list.

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