How To Implement Mobile CRM: IT Business Edge Slideshow

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IT Business Edge recently posted our thoughts on how to develop a strategy for mobile customer relationship management, or “mobile CRM.” Pretty cool, as we published our insights as a slideshow, titled “Four Steps to Implement Mobile CRM the Right Way,” which you can download and reference whenever needed. 

In the slideshow, we break down the process of implementing mobile CRM into four actionable phases:

  • Crawl – basic steps brands can implement near term to launch foundational mobile CRM capabilities.
  • Walk – processes for simultaneously launching mobile CRM across multiple mobile channels.
  • Run – how to integrate mobile campaigns and data in order to generate personalized content.
  • Fly – insight into triggering marketing campaigns according to individual customer actions and activity.

There’s also a bonus slide on how to “Soar” (we won’t give it away, so please see the presentation for more details). Any questions, you can let us know by posting to the comments.

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