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The competitive landscape for Email Service Providers (ESPs) has undergone significant change. Sure – marketers more than ever understand the need to invest with an ESP, as tools to boost email communication, targeting and tracking have become essential. However, with 90%+ of the U.S. owning cell phones and 90%+ of cell phone owners keeping their mobile within arms’ reach 24/7, the digital world has shifted off of people’s desktops and into their pockets. Moreover, email’s non-optimal open and time-to-open rates make it ineffective for two-way and time sensitive communication – both hallmark qualities of mobile communication.

That’s what makes integrating SMS mobile messaging so powerful for ESPs. SMS complements email elegantly, providing a direct, interactive and immediate pipeline to consumers. Plus, SMS and email strategy are similar, given the importance of developing a subscriber list mapped to various segmentation data.

During this webinar, we analyzed SMS integration for ESPs, putting specific focus on the keys to be successful. Listen to the recorded conversation to learn about relevant stats, best practices, case studies and actionable next steps for effective integration.

View the recorded SMS for Email Service Providers webinar on the Waterfall Vimeo archive or download the presentation slides from Slideshare.

Stay tuned for the next webinar from Waterfall, which will dissect Operational Mobile Alerts. Feel free to catch up on some preparatory reading in the meantime and click here to stay informed about all updates Waterfall.

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