Text hotline answers teens’ questions about sex, drugs, and gangs

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Team Mobile Messaging

Questions about your sexual health can be embarrassing. But with Alexandria, VA’s Teen Text Message Line, teens can ask them in a way that’s private and easy – via text message. By texting SEX to 30644, teens enter a conversation with a counselor who will answer their questions within 24 hours. Teens can ask about anything – sexual health, relationships, teen pregnancy and more – and get fast, confidential, and non-judgmental responses.

The Alexandria Campaign on Adolescent Pregnancy, which runs the hotline, has also teamed up with the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Alexandria and the Alexandria Gang Prevention Community Task Force to include drugs and gangs in their hotline. Texting DRUGS or GANGS to the 30644 provides the same easy access to confidential text-message Q&A.

Letting teens ask questions via text is a growing trend that is providing unprecedented access to sexual health information. Alexandria joins groups like Planned Parenthood, who answers questions via live chat, in recognizing that the best way to reach teens is to do it in the format they prefer.

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