Success Story

AFSCME rallies hundreds to successfully defend the rights of 6,000 workers

Driving a successful protest to defend worker’s rights. How AFSCME Local 1624 achieved their most significant mobilization in the union’s history.

In an era dominated by technology, harnessing the power of mobile messaging has become crucial for effective communication and mobilization. Recently, we had the honor of witnessing a remarkable success story when the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) utilized our mobile messaging solution, Mobile Commons, to orchestrate one of the most significant mobilizations in the union’s history.

By partnering with our skilled mobile strategists, AFSCME’s Austin, TX local union, AFSCME 1624, achieved an extraordinary feat, rallying over 200 passionate activists to City Hall in defense of their remote work policy. This policy impacted approximately 3,000 AFSCME members and roughly 6,000 Austin city employees and needed to be protected urgently.

The AFSCME mobilization, powered by Mobile Commons, stands as a testament to the power of mobile messaging and the potential it holds for grassroots movements. By leveraging technology in their favor, AFSCME achieved one of the most significant mobilizations in their history, successfully defending their remote work policy.
Read more about the inspiring journey of Mando Flores and Krissy O’Brien, AFSCME organizers, who played a pivotal role in this triumphant event.

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