PSA 2018 R1 Feature Highlights

Project Manager Home Page

Newly redesigned layout summarizes the most important information for your projects

  • Tab navigation across the top for Active Projects, Milestones Timesheets and Expense Reports gives you a quick glance of actionable items
  • gives you actionable information about active projects to keep you focus on your active projects current information
  • Timesheets & Expense Reports show you what needs to be pending approvals from your team members
  • Cost & Revenue financial snapshots for active projects

Project List

  • aesthetic upgrade and feel, redesigned look, and simplified navigation flows which allow users to get the information they need rapidly and intuitively
  • Simplified administration of Views with the introduction of a Manage View page
  • Cleaner view of available page actions
  • Improved search capability and ability to export to excel

Upland Project Planner

  • Budget mapping: define your budget mappings at the system level, or change your settings per project.
  • Budget integration: publish your project plan to automatically generate budgets at the Project, Task and/or Assignment level directly within PSA.
  • Undo & Redo functionality has been added. Changes to the project plan can be reversed or redone.
  • Progress on the percent complete of a Task can now be overridden by the project manager instead of using the system-calculated amount.

Resource Management

  • The Project Scheduling view has been updated to allow for displaying work plans for multiple projects simultaneously.
  • The Resource Scheduling view has been updated to allow for displaying work plans for multiple groups simultaneously.
  • Work plans can be pivoted to show schedules grouped by resources or projects.
  • New email notification options have been added to specify whether to trigger notifications on bookings or allocations.
  • New email notification options have been added for soft bookings.
  • Work plans can now be exported to Excel based on a user-defined date range.
  • Work plan notes now displays the note creator/updater.