Release Summary

The Upland PSA product team is focused on delivering robust product enhancements, new innovation, and customer enhancement requests, with a regular release calendar. For information about specific Upland PSA features, please contact us.

2019 R1.6 | In addition to a significant number of customer enhancements and platform upgrades, the focus of this latest release is on the Upland PSA mobile app, representing a leap forward in how end-users experience and use mobile timesheets and expenses.

2019R1.4 | Our new and improved mobile app is now available for both iOS and Android devices, it features a fresh and innovative user experience that makes entering time on-the-go easier than ever before.

2019R1 | Upland PSA 2019 R1 has arrived, and it brings with it enhancements to the interface designed to simplify usability and increase productivity. From administrators gaining access to new configuration options, to a new Project Overview and Project Experience for project managers, as well as a revamped Leave Request module for everyone, this release focuses on improving the overall user experience for every type of Upland PSA user.

2018R1.8 | The Upland Project Planner module has been improved to allow for a heightened navigation experience.

2018R1 | The new User Experience is immediately noticeable with the Project Manager homepage. A modern design, optimized for any web browser, means easier navigation, faster access to valuable information, and increased user adoption.

2016R1 | Upland PSA 2016 R1 includes many new enhancements and improvements to the user experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), a totally redesigned Expense Module as well as new Customer Requested functionality and Architecture improvements for superior usability.

For summary information on previous releases, please contact the Upland PSA team.