Start or Grow a Customer Reference Program and Prove Impact

Harness a full-service solution for managing all aspects of a robust customer reference program. Streamline reference requests and nominations, and store all content in a central library, with intelligent searching and analytics.

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Locate What You Need Quickly with a Central Library and Relevant Search

Maximize the value of your reference content by improving discoverability, and always know you are accessing the latest, approved reference materials. Filter by content type, industry, product, and more to zero in on the best content for the opportunity at hand.

Streamline Reference Requests with Review and Approval Workflows

Protect exceptional reference customers from overuse while ensuring sales always has what they need to be successful. Track reference projects in progress and the impact of past projects to strengthen your reference program and drive future success.

Real-Time Notifications Keep Activities Moving and Maximize Effectiveness

When reference nominations or requests are submitted and when prospects interact with reference assets, the correct person is emailed automatically. From there it is easy to prioritize incoming projects, determine the next step, and measure outcomes to hone your approach.


Starting or Revamping a Customer Reference Program Doesn’t Have to be Intimidating

We can walk you through all the phases, from securing program approval to launching the program and measuring success. Follow the best practices and tips we captured from your peers to get your new program up and running fast.

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