Why Knowledge Matters for Services Organizations

How do you ensure your team is following compliance policies? What systems do you have to support new employee onboarding and ensure consistent project delivery? Can your team get access to the information they need, when they need it? Knowledge Management gives services organizations a to methodology capture, maintain, and share their playbooks across their organization to remain competitive, compliant, and efficient.

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Everyone’s a Subject Matter Expert with Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management gives team members immediate access to a wealth of enterprise knowledge, from both internal and external sources. Resource time is spent delivering, not searching for information, leading to faster time to completion and improved project quality—hallmarks of a profitable services organization.

Better Compliance? Knowledge Has You Covered

Give employees one-click access to corporate policies, in context, to drive greater compliance on project kick-off, timesheets, project billing, and more. New employees experience faster onboarding and alignment with internal processes.

When Everyone Is “In the Know”

Does your team have easy access to the information they need when they need it? Share knowledge and build a team of subject matter experts. Whether you need to share project and resource playbooks, best practices, or corporate guidelines, knowledge is democratized and accessible.


Channel Your Inner Knowledge and Increase Project Profitability

Discover how service organizations can streamline their business with KCS® Verified Knowledge Management by developing more knowledgeable team members, driving operational efficiency, increasing corporate policy compliance, and improving project margins.

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Webinar: Channel your inner knowledge

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