Automate Customer Engagement from Proposal to Delivery

Services organizations struggle with how to achieve greater alignment between sales and service departments. Without it, they risk communication gaps, misaligned goals, and dissatisfied customers. Proposal automation bridges the gap for greater team collaboration and to ensure a consistent customer experience from proposal to delivery.

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Win More, Quicker

Proposal automation gives organizations the ability to generate SOWs, respond to RFPs, and complete technical questionnaires with up to 50% greater efficiency. Standardized templates and pre-approved content accelerate the creation process while guaranteeing branding and consistency.

Go from Proposal to Project in Minutes

Once the business is won, setting up a new project is just a click away: Proposals are associated to CRM accounts and opportunities with data that can be synchronized with project initiation. Capture customer and financial details directly from the SOW to reduce the potential for errors and facilitate project budgeting and customer billing.

Create Positive Customer Outcomes

Get your projects off to the right start by aligning sales promises with services delivery and keep your customers happy. Delivery teams can easily access proposals and compare SOW details with delivery plans and ensure timelines and budgets are in line with expectations.


Is it time to rethink the business case for proposal automation?

Wouldn’t it be great to find relevant answers faster, ensure you’re using the most current content in your sales documents, and stop chasing your subject matter experts?

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eBook: Is it time to rethink the business case for proposal automation?