Keep Your People Happy and Your Projects on Track

The true value of any services organization lives in the knowledge and skills of their people. The ability to accurately plan your resource needs, manage their skills, availability and utilization, and to deploy your people accordingly, has a direct and immediate impact on project delivery, client relationships, and profitability.

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Centralized Skills Management

A centralized database of the skills, interests, experience, and availability of your people significantly streamlines your ability to assign resources. Information is up to date and accurate, giving you the confidence that you’re assigning the best resource to your project.

Capacity Planning

The ability to monitor and plan your team’s work capacity ensures all resources are allocated correctly with no imbalances by skill, role, or experience, and helps reduce bench time of valuable employees.

Resource Forecasting

A forecasting model that captures resource requests and compares to bookings and actuals allows organizations to anticipate what skills are in demand, and whether you have the right people or need to supplement with external resources, across all organizational initiatives.


How to Thrive as a Resource Manager Today

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