Why Upland PSA

Redefining PSA as a Customer-Centric Services Solution

When Professional Services Automation is not enough, Upland PSA delivers a full solution suite to fuel a truly customer-centric business.

Proposal Automation brings Sales and Services closer together, fuelling winning proposals that align services team with customer expectations. New projects are mobilized quickly and efficiently. Knowledge fuels project excellence, with teams gaining easy access to company know-how and best practices. Throughout the project lifecycle, customer and employee feedback can be captured through multiple communications channels, to help improve service levels and project outcomes.  Automated customer reference requests can help turn customers into loyal advocates.

Reinforcing the services lifecycle is the Upland Workcenter,  providing a window into project performance including robust analytics into the full cycle of the suite.


Upland PSA delivers innovation beyond traditional services automation, with a unique buit-in featureset that includes Proposal Automation, Knowledge Management, Customer and Employee Surveys, and Customer Reference Automation.

Modular Platform

Upland PSA is a modular software platform, and is designed to be implemented in stages, and grow with your organization, enabling services maturity, change management, and greater internal adoption.

Enterprise Friendly

Connect Upland PSA to your enterprise ecosystem, via the Upland Integration Platform, and enable efficient data flow to and from your existing enterprise systems including CRM, HCM, payroll, finance, ERP, and more.

Advanced Workflows

Highly flexible workflows can be adapted to accommodate even the most sophisticated business operations, using the visual workflow editor that lets you configure any process, to match your unique requirements.

Configurable Timesheets

With maximum flexibility, configure timesheets for each customer, down to the project or task level, add leave time, create multiple approval workflows, and more, matching the uniques requirements of your business every step of the way.


With 1000s of customer engagements in our portfolio, we bring best practices experience to all of our engagements. Our high-touch customer engagement helps you mature your Services Organization, starting at Day 1. Learn more about UplandOne.

See the Power of Innovation

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