Resource Management

Optimize Resource Utilization for Greater Profitability

The cornerstone of any services business is your people. The skills, knowledge, and experience they bring to their projects are vital to customer satisfaction which in turn determines the ongoing success of your organization. At the same time, slight shifts in utilization can have a dramatic impact on overall profitability.

In a field that is often considered more art than science, Upland PSA provides organizations with the tools you need to manage your project workforce, with optimal visibility and control. Full-featured, yet easy to use, Upland PSA centralizes all the functions related to forecasting, scheduling, and managing your workforce, whether your team is local or geographically dispersed.

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Schedule your people with confidence

As your workforce grows, knowing who is available to work on a given project, who has what skills and their proficiency level, or even what they are currently working on, becomes increasingly complex, requiring an increasing amount of time spent reviewing spreadsheets, sending emails, or attending meetings to effectively manage your resource pool. The challenge is amplified for companies with large resource pools or if they have geographically dispersed offices.

  • Identify the right people for the project based on technical skills, languages, certifications, and more including proficiency.
  • Match the projects and tasks with the resources available based on current or upcoming utilization, and planned time off.
  • Reallocate resource assignments when faced with unexpected project overruns or scope changes.

Achieve optimal utilization

A healthy services organization requires a project workforce that is engaged and productive and committed to customer satisfaction. Being able to assign and manage your workforce on the right projects is paramount in ensuring an engaged team. Upland PSA delivers the insights you need to make the right decisions about your people, to elevate the overall health of your organization.

  • Ensure your people are performing productively and avoid over- or under-burdened workload
  • Keep your workforce actively engaged and contributing to their best potential
  • Uncover opportunities to strategically allocate the right resources to the right project, with optimal ROI

Predictable resource forecasting

Resource forecasting is essential to running a predictable services organization. Tracking your services pipeline will ensure that you have the right people for every project, are able to remain within budget, and have the insights required to correct resource gaps before they impact customer satisfaction or the bottom line.

  • Bridge your proposals process and services pipeline with your resource planning process, and gain unprecedented visibility to proactively allocate your workforce, hire strategically or engage with external consultants as needed.
  • Staff projects with people who have the right skills and availability, assigning them even before project dates are confirmed.
  • Share valuable insights with leadership on resource and skills requirements and ensure your ability to deliver on customer commitments.

Connect to third party systems

The Upland Integration Platform allows you to connect with your existing enterprise systems for greater team collaboration. Connect your CRM system, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or Hubspot and monitor incoming project pipeline and forecast workforce requirements. Connect to your financial system for cost rates, and customer billing, or synchronize with your HCM system to manage your skills and planned time off.

Learn more about the Upland Integration Platform here.

Make data-driven decisions

Actively monitor workforce utilization with PSA-native reports and dashboards. Share them with key stakeholders to provide insights into organization-wide trends and make proactive decisions related to staffing, skills, and project profitability.

Learn more about Upland Analytics for PSA here.

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