Timesheet and Expense Automation

Centralized, Accurate, and Compliant Timesheets and Expenses

Upland PSA Timesheet and Expense Automation is an invaluable solution for services organizations that need to track project time and expenses, monitor and compare estimates versus actuals, and account for all costs.

Whether your workforce is spread across remote locations, working from client sites, or from home, Upland PSA is a powerful solution that gives you the flexibility to configure the right solution for your enterprise.

Centralization and workflows give managers oversight of what’s happening in their team, finance departments get accurate, up-to-date information for client billing and payroll, and all entries and transactions are compliant and traceable.

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Control Project Costs

Upland PSA timesheet automation helps managers stay abreast of submissions and approvals to ensure resources are working on the right tasks, and all project costs are accounted for. At the same time, up-to-date timesheet information helps project managers keep track of costs to make sure that actuals match estimates – without exceeding the project budget.

Reduce Administrative Overhead

Timesheet automation puts an end to the repeated emails reminding team members to complete their timesheets, it reduces the need to transfer data between disparate systems, and it eliminates errors and inconsistencies. With less manual intervention timesheet information is automatically updated on projects. Month-end reconciliation and invoicing are streamlined and efficient, with up-to-date, and accurate cost information.

Ensure Traceability and Compliance

When timesheets are centralized and automated, it helps enterprises ensure adherence to corporate governance and regulatory compliance policies including overtime laws, accounting regulations such as DCAA or Sarbanes-Oxley, and more.

Why Upland PSA Timesheet and Expense Automation?

  • Create unique time and expense entry templates according to different business rules, each with distinct layouts, formats, approval workflows, and other details based on roles, projects, or groups
  • Each timesheet template can have different fields including user defined fields and different rules such as enforcing notes for billable entries, enforcing DCAA audit compliance etc.
  • Create timesheet layouts that are distinct for employees versus third party contractors
  • Associate time entries against projects, tasks or resources
  • Track time and expense against projects, business units, location or client, including notes.
  • Differentiate between types of time including billable, non-billable, overtime, leave, and expenses billable or not, and per diem.
  • Control expense entry by requiring receipts, in local currency for example
  • Configure expense entries to accommodate for local tax requirements, for example federal, state/provincial, HST or VAT
  • Drag-and-drop visual workflow editor can be used to configure multiple review and approval workflows according to project-specific requirements.
  • Customize approvals for certain departments while increasing control over others. Set email notifications that timesheets are ready for review. Switch automatically to an alternate process in case of non-response.
  • Mobile time entry for Android and iOS devices make it easy for team members to enter time and expense data without logging into the desktop version.

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