Build a predictable and profitable services business with Upland PSA and Sage Intacct

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Team PSA

The combination of Upland PSA and Sage Intacct helps professional services organizations centralize financial tracking for projects and accelerate billing and invoicing for their clients. This integrated solution enables Upland PSA and Sage Intacct customers to seamlessly import project details and export approved timesheet data to Sage Intacct for payroll, invoicing, and financial reporting. As a result, every billable opportunity can be managed with greater accuracy, making it easier to collaborate internally and with customers to coordinate billing, invoicing, and financial reporting.

“Our innovation strategy continues to help professional services organizations build a predictable and profitable operating business,” said Rafat Hilal, Senior Director of Product at Upland. “Services and financial teams can now more accurately manage project financials with Upland PSA and Sage Intacct, facilitating better collaboration between services and finance leaders on forecast planning and the ability to quickly recognize the financial value of services projects.”

Supporting Hoverstate’s rapid growth

Hoverstate is a joint customer that’s experienced the benefit of the integration between Upland PSA and Sage Intacct. The company offers specialty services to develop software products, immersive user experiences, and value-driven business strategies for global organizations around the world.

With innovation hubs in North America and Europe, Hoverstate recently grew its professional services organization by 275 percent. At the time, the company used one system for accounting and another for project and time management.

However, the systems weren’t integrated, resulting in a lot of manual work to get information and generate reports. With a rapidly growing team, Hoverstate needed a more modern way to approach its services projects and financial management.

“We saw an opportunity to improve the way we ran our business and began a search for an integrated SaaS-based accounting and project management system,” said Sid Lejfer, Chief Financial Officer at Hoverstate.

After reviewing multiple accounting solutions, Hoverstate selected Sage Intacct because of its flexibility and ease of use. Sid and the team at Hoverstate worked with Incubator Finance as its implementation partner. In conjunction with Incubator Finance, Hoverstate also reviewed various enterprise PSA systems and decided to go with Upland PSA because of its functionality and integration with Sage Intacct.

The team at Hoverstate worked with Incubator Finance and the professional services team at Upland to plan, configure, roll-out, and train its staff. The end result is a fully integrated system that has reduced the use of spreadsheets and manual intervention, resulting in the ability to run reports and get important business information in minutes versus hours, or in some cases, days.

“The most important advantage we now have is a solid foundation to grow to over a thousand employees and take our business to new heights with the integration of Upland PSA and Sage Intacct,” continued Sid.

The benefit of connected project and financial management systems

The integration between Upland PSA and Sage Intacct offers customers three major benefits:

  1. Build a predictable and profitable services business:
    Centralize timesheets and project financials to precisely forecast opportunity revenue and closely monitor your profit margins.
  2. Save countless hours of manual work:
    The Upland Integration Platform powered by Boomi supports the Upland PSA and Sage Intacct integration and automates cross-departmental processes to improve data accuracy and reporting.
  3. Improve customer service:
    Wow customers from the first interaction with access to insights and optimized reporting every step of the journey to successful project delivery, financial reporting, customer billing, and invoicing.

“Global services organizations need the right systems in place to support their growth and precisely keep track of project financials,” said Melody Williams, Head of Business Development at Sage Intacct. “Upland PSA and Sage Intacct gives our joint customers the insights they need to keep projects on track and on budget so they can maintain healthy margins for their business and proactively support the needs of their clients.”

Leading global professional services organizations trust Upland PSA to save time and boost profits. Additional benefits include:

  • Resource management: Strategically allocate or reallocate resources to the right project based on capacity, demand, cost, and availability.
  • Project management: Get full visibility on everything from project status, tasks, budgets, and forecasts to keep your projects on target for delivery and your customers in the know.
  • Financial management: Forecast and track project billing, revenue, cost, and profit margin. Define project contract type such as fixed fee, time and materials, or milestone based on your customer agreements.
  • Valuable business insights: See all of your important metrics and KPIs in one place with dashboards and reports for project team members, managers and executives.
  • Integrations that work for you: In addition to Sage Intacct, Upland PSA integrates with the best CRM, ERP, payroll, HR and project management systems so you can be more productive and get more value out of what you already have.

To learn more about how you can grow your services business with Upland PSA and Sage Intaact, click here to contact us or visit the Sage Intact Marketplace.

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