Success Story

International law firm unlocks content with AI-driven search

This legal firm implemented enterprise search to improve intranet usability and provide better access to matter-centric content.

BA Insight’s enterprise search is the key to maximizing efficiency for attorneys and staff at legal firms of any size. The global law firm was searching for technology that could upgrade a dated intranet system while enhancing the ability for attorneys and staff to search and retrieve matter-centric content effectively and easily.

Customer success highlights

  • Attorneys and staff have instant access to documents, clients, and matters from wherever they work
  • The firm has a globally accessible intranet and enterprise search solution that functions with the same user experience
  • Connections were added to NetDocuments, SiteCore, and SQL to provide one point of access to all data sources
  • Staff are able to quickly identify in-house knowledge experts for collaboration

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The challenge

The firm’s employees were struggling with legal search and retrieve limitations using their local intranet. The intranet itself was built using technology that was no longer supported, increasing deployment and maintenance costs. The user experience was also cumbersome, as staff had to browse through hundreds of pages to locate relevant content, and that content was siloed within the confines of the intranet, completely ignoring other key systems, such as NetDocuments, in which other valuable content resided. When looking for information in those other systems, users had to access each one individually, which took time away from high-value work and reduced billable hours. Adding to these challenges, simply managing the intranet was difficult and disorganized, as practice groups had to involve IT to make any changes.

How they did it

BA Insight worked with this firm to implement their vision of an integrated intranet and enterprise search software solution that would put AI-driven search at all employees’ fingertips, regardless of where they were. The key part of this vision was a single integrated search capability deployed across the entire intranet that would provide automatic categorized suggestions as users typed. As a result, staff were instantly presented with potential documents, clients, matters, and attorneys who could best assist them.

The results

The firm created an integrated enterprise search and intranet deployment on time and on budget. The firm-wide launch was a resounding success, and staff now have a modern, responsive application for access to all firm data and resources in one environment anytime, anywhere, on any device.

SiteCore was the platform of choice for the intranet, so integration of BA Insight search capabilities within that system was a key strategy for success. The solution was a combination of the following capabilities:

  • SmartHub was chosen as the search UI to power a modern user experience including personalization, autocomplete/autosuggest, and recommendations. In addition, SmartHub was integrated directly into the SiteCore framework and UI, providing the same user experience for intranet and search.
  • Connectors were added to NetDocuments, SiteCore, and SQL (for client and matter data) to provide a single index. SmartHub gave users one point of access to all data sources so that they no longer need to perform multiple searches.
  • AutoClassifier added metadata to documents that did not already have it and extended metadata on documents that had limited metadata. A combination of AI and rules-based tagging was used for automation and control.

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