Enterprise Search in Modern Law Firms

We’ve got the framework for implementing a next-generation enterprise search solution for your legal professionals.

Enterprise search is foundational to a wide variety of experiences. The data that law firms accumulate contains key insights that can significantly increase productivity and efficiency. However, the ability to instantly find relevant information to gain insights from within the large amounts of data that exists from a variety of sources is often a hurdle that needs to be overcome. BA Insight’s legal enterprise search is the key to finding and unlocking insights from these massive volumes of data.

The evolution of enterprise search technology has enabled many new capabilities to make search more “Google-like” and therefore more relevant and useful to law firms, improving overall productivity by eliminating the tedium of searching through multiple internal systems to locate matter-centric content. BA Insight makes legal enterprise search available to legal teams from within the applications they work in including NetDocuments, iManage, Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, Salesforce, and any browser-based application. This capability makes it possible for users to access legal enterprise search from any of the applications they work in, enabling them to stay in those systems for a consistent search experience.

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Legal Search Solution Benefits

  • Provide a web-like search experience for your legal professionals.
  • Extend search beyond the traditional keyword search and provide your firm with a modern, natural language search experience for its users, just as it exists on the web today.
  • Improve search within DMS systems such as iManage or NetDocuments.
  • Simplify systems such as Salesforce, SharePoint, SharePoint Online, ServiceNow, and any web-based application with a consistent user experience while providing access to enterprise-wide information.
  • Go beyond simply returning a list of documents to users as search results by also showing them the specific locations within the documents that have the information they are looking for—highlighted and sorted by number of occurrences of the search terms.
  • Personalize search to an individual’s position, experience, workplace needs, and a variety of other attributes to proactively deliver information to them that boosts their productivity.
  • Take advantage of dashboards to consolidate information into a single view, decreasing the need to search multiple times and/or multiple systems to get things done.
  • Enable the firmwide promotion of information based on input from partners and others.

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