Boost your team’s efficiency with a single search box

BA Insight's user-friendly, AI-powered enterprise search helps you support workplace productivity in the digital era.

Enterprise search increases workforce productivity

According to a report from McKinsey, workers lose as much as eight hours every week on the hunt for information. As data, content, and other information increases daily in our respective business ecosystems, organizations are facing a whole new challenge—how to maximize workforce productivity across the board and help their employees find dispersed information quickly and efficiently.

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To support a digital workplace, you must provide a user-friendly, reliable way to deliver data connectivity for information spread across both on-premises and cloud systems so users can quickly find relevant information. That’s where Upland BA Insight comes in!

Imagine if you had enterprise search technology that could:

  • Provide users with one seamless internet-like search experience across applications
  • Enable users to quickly find the most relevant “first-page” results they need
  • Connect users with subject matter experts to help them work smarter
  • Display personalized, highly relevant results on dashboards for faster evaluation

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