Empower customer advocacy to drive new revenue with the right reference, right now

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How many times have you seen those blast sales emails, scouring the entire company looking for a customer reference to close a hot deal?

They are looking for a particular type of reference customer to speak to their prospect— someone who represents a particular industry, size, annual revenue, product interests, and skillset. But the top-of-mind requirement? They’re available right now.

But why waste time and effort taking what you can get in terms of customer references, when you should be focusing efforts and strategies to find the world’s best brand advocates? Why risk reference “burnout?”

Upland RO Innovation Reference Enablement™ is a dedicated customer reference management software designed to help your organization efficiently manage, protect and leverage the voice of the customer throughout your sales and marketing activities. With Upland RO Innovation Reference Enablement™ you can:

  • Optimize customer reference request and nomination workflows
  • Create greater visibility for customer-specific content ( i.e. case studies)
  • Protect and manage customer relationships from overuse
  • Recruit and reward customer reference participation
  • Track revenue influence from customer request and marketing activities

Key Features of Upland RO Innovation Reference Enablement™

Forget “one size fits all.” The configurable feature set of Upland RO Innovation Reference Enablement™ allows you to quickly and easily tailor the application to suit your organization’s unique budget, business workflows, and program goals. In addition to the RO Enablement platform’s standard feature set, the Upland RO Innovation Reference Enablement™ solution includes the following:

  • Reference Requests: End-to-end customer reference request workflows & tracking
  • Reference Nominations: Intuitive reference recruitment/nomination workflows & tracking
  • Reference Database: Database to house, activate and align customer- specific content (case studies, video interviews, testimonials, etc.) with sales & marketing requests
  • Reference Content: Content tracker module for managing the workflows, budget and development of new customer-related content assets (like case studies)
  • Customer Notes: Ability to add searchable notes to customer records and catalog those “golden nuggets” of information on Upland RO Innovation Reference EnablementTM Integrations
  • Customer Intelligence: Central place to store customer intelligence, notes, contact info and activity records
  • Customer Quotes: Database to house individual customer testimonial quotes and “grab-and-go” quote sheets that can be made on-the-fly
  • Customer Profiles: Fast facts and overviews of permanent details about the customer account (product usage, stats, etc.) including snippets of stories related to that customer record
  • Data Sync: Ability to pull and update customer-related information from your CRM (when integrated)
  • Reference Rewards: Points tracking and rewards module to support your incentive programs
  • Task Management: One-stop-for customer reference to-do’s and task lists

Upland RO Innovation Reference Enablement™ Integrations

Some companies choose to operate Upland RO Innovation Reference Enablement™ as a stand-alone solution. Others integrate it with other customer-centric technologies to drive additional value such as their CRM, marketing automation platform, customer advocacy system, customer success system, customer content platform and more.

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