101 Ideas for August Holidays

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Liz Huff Senior Director, Customer Success

Monthly Holidays in August

Fishing Month

  • What Type of Fish Are You? Quiz
  • Fishing Trip Giveaway
  • Best Local Fish Fry Ballot
  • Biggest Catch Photo Contest (turnkey available)

FISH FACE photo contest


Romance Awareness Month

Romance Month Sweepstakes


Happiness Happens Month

  • What Makes You Happy? Poll
  • Biggest Smile Photo Contest
  • Cutest Kid/Pet Photo Contest (turnkey available)
  • [Local Restaurant/Bar] Happy Hour Giveaway

HAPPY MONTH photo contest


Daily Holidays in August

Girl Friends Day

  • Gal-friends Photo Contest
  • Can Men & Women Be Friends? Poll
  • [Artist/Celebrity] Meet & Greet for You and a Friend Giveaway
  • Can We Guess Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Quiz

Girl Friends Day poll


Sandcastle Day

  • Favorite Beaches Poll
  • Best of the Beach Ballot
  • Beach Vacation Giveaway


Sister’s Day

  • Awkward Sister Photo Contest
  • Sisters Day Spark Getaway Sweepstakes (turnkey available)
  • How Close Are You And Your Sister? Quiz

KTVI's Sister's Day


Coloring Book Day

  • Coloring Photo Contest
  • Which Bedroom Wall Color Matches Your Personality? Quiz (turnkey available)
  • What Color is a Tennis Ball? Poll

COLORING DAY photo contest

White Wine Day

  • Wine Wednesday Photo Contest
  • Pair the Wine with the Region Quiz (turnkey available)
  • [Local Winery] Giveaway
  • A Weekend in Wine Country Giveaway
  • Test Your Wine Knowledge Quiz (turnkey available)


Work Like a Dog Day

  • Favorite Song to Get You Motivated Poll
  • Best Places to Work [City] Ballot
  • Workday Bonus Pay Giveaway


Fresh Breath Day

  • Best Local Dentist Ballot
  • Favorite Gum Flavor Poll
  • Electric Toothbrush Giveaway

Toothbrush Giveaway from Whole Health

International Beer Day

Beer Day quiz

International Cat Day

CAT DAY photo contest

Book Lovers Day

  • How Many Books Do You Read in a Year? Poll
  • Name that Famous Female Author Quiz (turnkey available)
  • What Book Should You Read Next? Quiz
  • Win Your Book Club a trip to [Destination] Giveaway


Lazy Day

  • Favorite Lazy Day Activity Poll
  • What Book Should You Read Next? Quiz
  • Spa Package Getaway (turnkey available)

Vinyl Record Day

  • Best Record Shop Ballot
  • Vinyl Record Collection Sweepstakes
  • What’s Your Music Style? Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Have You Ever Listened to Records? Poll

World Elephant Day

Elephant Day photo contest

Lefthanders Day

  • Do You Write with Your Left Hand? Poll
  • Lefty Trivia Quiz

Left Hand Day poll

Relaxation Day


Rollercoaster Day

  • Trip to [Amusement Park] Giveaway
  • Best Picture at [Local Amusement Park] Photo Contest
  • Which Type of Coaster Are You? Quiz



Tell a Joke Day

  • Best Knock Knock Joke Ballot
  • Funny Faces Photo Contest

JOKE DAY ballot

Photography Day

  • Camera Ready Photo Contest
  • Caption This Photo Ballot
  • Cutest Kid/Pet Photo Contest (turnkey available)

Men’s Grooming Day

  • Local Barber Shop Showdown Ballot
  • Favorite Men’s Grooming Tools Poll
  • Do You Cut Your Man’s Hair? Poll
  • Best Beard Photo Contest

KSEG Grooming Sweeps

Burger Day

  • What Kind of Burger Are You? Quiz
  • Best Burger in [City] Ballot
  • Which Stadium Food Are You? Quiz (turnkey available)

Burger Day poll

Dog Day

DOG DAY photo contest


Women’s Equality Day

  • Inspirational Women Essay Contest
  • How Much Do You Know About Women’s History? Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Powerful Women Ballot

The Journal News Quiz


More Herbs, Less Salt Day



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