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In the market for an interactive promotions solution? Look no further than Second Street, complete with a self-serve platform, flexible campaign types, robust data capture capabilities, AI quiz generation, and more.

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Flexible and customizable campaign types

Provide your sponsors and advertisers with over a dozen campaign types to fuel list growth and lead generation. Choose from customizable campaign types including enter-to-win, quizzes, ballots, voting, and more. Easily craft engaging and topical promotions branded and designed with your audience and sponsors in mind.

Quick start self-serve platform

Start seeing measurable results in 2 weeks with fast, easy onboarding. We make creating promotions a breeze, with over 1,000 turn-key templates at the ready to help you craft and launch new campaigns in minutes, with no design skills necessary to build attention-grabbing promotions.

Robust data capture and segmentation

Build smarter, more targeted campaigns made possible through our robust data capture capabilities. Collect granular audience data, including custom fields, and then make this data actionable through highly personalized campaigns that drive measurable results.

Multi-channel audience growth

Grow your lists and your followers with multi-channel opt-in capabilities, from email newsletter sign ups, text messaging opt-ins, and social media follows. You can also drive more entries with built-in invite email templates, and extra chances for those who share via social and more.

Real-time lead alerts

Deliver even more value to your sponsors with real-time lead alerts sent right to their email inbox. Your sponsors can download lead details instantly for prompt follow up and greater conversions.

AI trivia quiz generation

Save time and effort in generating creative and highly relevant trivia quizzes with the power of AI and ChatGPT. AI-generated trivia quizzes can be created in just 5 minutes, streamlining your workflow while providing a fun and topical promotion type to grow lists, collect leads, and engage audiences.

Actionable reporting

Get a full picture of campaign performance and success with intuitive reporting dashboards. View ROI metrics for your campaigns, get insights to inform your future strategy, as well as manage fraudulent entries to ensure you have high-quality lists and qualified leads.

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