3 Promotions Ideas for Bathroom Retailers & Remodelers

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Julie Foley Senior Customer Success Manager


Sweepstakes are a perfect way to drum up awareness and drive leads for your bathroom advertiser. This bathroom remodel sweepstakes from KTUU-TV and a local restoration company gave away a $5,500 tub/shower conversion to one lucky winner. The high-value prize helped identify qualified leads for the advertiser.

KTUU-TV bathroom remodel sweepstakes

Photo Contests

WZID-TV invited their audience to submit a photo of their ugly bathroom for this photo sweepstakes. The contest sponsor, Luxury Bath by PIC Home Pros, provided the prize of a bathroom remodel valued at up to $10,000. The sponsor also included two questions on the registration page to learn information about potential customers. Plus, Luxury Bath will get incredibly valuable information from each user picture.

WZID-TV bathroom photo sweepstakes


Aberdeen Daily News secured a local floor and ceiling company to sponsor this bathroom trivia quiz. The sponsor included a lead-generation question on the registration form to gather information on potential leads.

Aberdeen bathroom quiz

Learn how small-market radio stations WKDZ-FM and WHVO-FM drove $5K with a Bathroom Makeover Photo Contest! For even more ideas, download the Seller’s Guide. This handy tool has campaign ideas, prize ideas, lead-generation questions, and more for over 40 top advertising categories.

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