19 Festive Polls for the Christmas Season

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Liz Huff Senior Director, Customer Success


  • What Is Your Favorite Christmas Tradition?
  • What Tradition Could You Do Without?
  • Do You Own A Ugly Christmas Sweater?
  • When Do You Put Up Your Christmas Tree?
  • Do You Prefer A Real or Fake Tree?
  • When Do You Start Decorating?

Christmas Tree Poll



  • What’s Your Favorite Christmas Song?
  • What’s Your Favorite Christmas Movie?
  • When Do You Start Listening To Christmas Music?
  • When Should (Station Name) Start Playing Christmas Music?
  • What Should Be the First Christmas Song on (Station Name) This Year?
  • Is ‘Die Hard’ A Christmas Movie?

Christmas Music Poll



  • What’s the Best Christmas Gift?
  • What’s the Worst Christmas Gift to Get Someone?
  • What Is Your Favorite Christmas Wrapping Paper?
  • Is It Too Early To Start Christmas Shopping?

How Early Decorating Christmas poll



  • Are You A Fruitcake Fan?
  • Ham or Turkey: What Do You Eat On Christmas Day?
  • Does Your Family Make Gingerbread Houses?
  • Which Christmas Cookie Is Your Favorite?

Gingerbread Cookie Poll


Polls are a great way to engage your audience this Christmas season. Download our Winter Revenue playbook for even more ideas!

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