Success Story

Quiz Identifies New Clients for Sleep Center

Thank you page coupon and data-driving survey questions identify 400+ leads and secures 3 consultations for sponsor

by Megan Black, Second Street

2017 Second Street Award – Best Advertiser Campaign Finalist

Case Study Highlights

  • 3 appointments & $10,000 for sleep center
  • 140+ hot leads & 430+ opt-ins for sponsor
  • 730+ opt-ins for station
  • $3,500 revenue for station

The Idea

KCLR-FM in Columbia, MO is always looking for creative ways to reach new advertisers in their market. When they approached the Koala Center for Sleep Disorders, they wanted to find out what would be the most valuable goal for the sleep center.

The most important thing for the advertiser was to identify potential leads in need of their services. When it comes to trouble sleeping, many people don’t always know there nightly troubles could be more than just a coincidental bad night’s sleep.

kclr sleep quiz questions

The Execution

KCLR came up with the idea for the “How Well Do You Sleep?” quiz. After working with the sleep center, they were able to use common sleep issues as the quiz questions themselves. This was a unique way to collect valuable data on their consumers – 65% of their entrants said they hit the snooze button before getting up in the morning.

kclr sleep quiz question data

To identify potential hot leads for the Koala Center for Sleep Disorders, the station included an email opt-in and three survey questions to collect incredibly valuable data from the consumers.

kclr sleep quiz survey questions

With the survey question answers tied directly to the specific user, Koala Center for Sleep Disorders would have valuable information to talk to the users about when their team reached out to these prospective clients.

A prize is an excellent way to increase participation, so Koala Center for Sleep Disorders offered a $500 Visa Gift Card to one lucky winner.

kclr sleep quiz fb

In addition to the grand prize, every single participant received a prize as well – a coupon for $50 off their initial sleep consultation. Not only does this make everyone feel like a winner, but it’s an additional incentive for participants to work with the sleep center.

kclr sleep quiz thank you

The Results

The quiz ran just over a two-week period and brought in over 800 entries. 430 people opted-in for more information from Koala Center for Sleep Disorders and they discovered 140 people who use or know someone who struggles with a CPAP machine for nighttime breathing.

The team at the sleep center started outreach following the contest. They quickly set up three appointments, each valued at $3,200 – that’s nearly $10,000 for the sponsor.

The contest also resulted in 730 new email addresses for KCLR-FM’s email database and sponsorship revenue of $3,500 for the station. This was a big win for KCLR, and they’re excited to try out more campaigns like this in the future.