Success Story

“Who’s Your TV Mom?” Quiz Generates $25K in Revenue for Paper

Local grocery store thrilled with results of quiz that tied in with their Mother’s Day specials.

Case Study Highlights

  • Over 11,000 users took the quiz
  • $25,000 revenue for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • Client is ready to run more quizzes in the future

*Editor’s Note: This promotion was a Finalist for a 2015 Second Street Award.

The Idea

We wanted to sell a Mother’s Day promotion and Kroger, a local grocery store, was wanting to highlight, their Mother’s Day specials. We thought the “Who’s Your TV Mom?” quiz would be a win-win for both of us.


The Execution

This personality quiz was a perfect fit for Kroger. We incorporated a sweepstakes giving away a $250 grocery card to a user chosen at random. We created an entirely digital ad campaign – ROS ads, premium homepage rotator ads on and, and also ran a homepage takeover ad the week of Mother’s Day.


On the homepage, Kroger’s quiz would appear along with our other news stories.


Our most successful part of the ad campaign was the use of Facebook Sponsored Posts. On Facebook, the quiz would show up within user’s newsfeeds and prompt them with a question – “Would you prefer Lorelai Gilmore or Tami Taylor?” While the Facebook ad campaign was a bit pricey (around $1,500), the post earned tons of engagement – 1,028 likes, 10,315 clicks, and 162 comments.


With a fun description and a photo of their tv mom at the end, users were excited to share their results on social media and see who their friends got as well.


The Results

This one promotion generated $25,000 in revenue for our media company. The quiz went viral – more than 11,000 users took the quiz, and Kroger had TONS of engagement on their website. In fact, they were so thrilled with the results, they’re already signed up to run more quizzes in the future.


The Atlanta Journal Constitution‘s Who’s Your TV Mom? Quiz was at finalist for the Best Sponsored Quiz at the 2015 Second Street Awards.

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