Deliver Maximum Success with Recurring Revenue

How to create campaigns that bring in revenue month after month

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Key Takeaways

Subscription-Style Campaigns

Think of these campaigns as a subscription-style sponsorship investment. These 9-12 month campaigns typically have one presenting sponsor paying a big-dollar monthly investment.

Top Categories

We’ve seen dozens of successful recurring revenue campaigns. The most popular, cover community engagement, weekly giveaways, and advertiser-specific campaigns.

Community Engagement, Weekly Giveaways, Advertiser Categories

KYTV’s $70K Recurring Success!

The team at KYTV-TV leveraged a weekly sweepstakes to create two steller campaigns for a local food services company. The two campaigns resulted in $70K revenue!

Steps to Creating the Ultimate Campaign

From choosing the perfect theme to delivering a winning pitch, find out everything you need to create a winning campaign to drive in revenue month after month!

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