Timesheet for Time & Billing Project Tracking

Increase Project Billing and Reduce Costs with Timesheet Time & Billing Project Tracking.

Timesheet is easy to use and simple to configure. Our cloud time & billing project tracking and management solution automates your project time tracking, time and attendance, time and labor for payroll, project costing, and client billing. It also offers real-time dashboards and reports so you can instantly see all project time, cost and billing information, execute and bill projects faster, make more informed decisions, reduce project time tracking, time and attendance, expense reporting, overhead and administrative costs.

Benefits of Timesheet Time & Billing:

  • Increase control over billable projects and employee-related expenditure
  • Accelerate billing
  • Increase project visibility, workforce productivity and operational effectiveness
  • Facilitate real-time communication and decision-making

Timesheet manages your billable projects from bid to bill. It is a workflow-driven project billing solution with configurable cost and billing rules and certified integrations with your CRM and accounting systems. Timesheet automates time and expense reporting, project billing and invoicing, reporting and analytics.

Timesheet is comprised of four modules that can be deployed in a phased manner, to meet your team or organization’s growing needs:

Time Management Module

Cloud-based timesheet application for your globally dispersed project-driven workforce

Without cloud-based time management tracking application your project-based business cannot effectively account for project costs, track budget versus actual, and analyze real-time reliable project time and cost information to make timely and sound business decisions. Our configurable project time, leave time, and overtime tracking system allows you to effectively collect, manage and track timesheets based on your work policy and requirements.

Benefits of this module include:

  • Simple intuitive user interface for maximum usability and rapid adoption
  • Visual workflow-driven configuration makes setup and change easy
  • Timesheet approval workflow simplifies and automates policy enforcement
  • Line item approval speeds up billing, and you can bill whatever is approved
  • Easy to configure dashboards and extensive reports for financial analysis
  • Mobile-ready

Expense Management Module

Complete Control of your Business Expenses

Timesheet makes it easy to enter and manage your business expenses, online or from your smartphone. It helps you reduce the time it takes to process, approve and then reimburse your expense reports.

Our configurable Time & Expense report tracking software allows you to effectively collect, manage and track expense reports based on your requirements. It can be tailored specifically to your expense claim requirements and makes it easy to incorporate your internal policies. You can create and submit accurate, in-policy expense reports then review, approve, process and audit them.

Benefits of this module include:

  • Import credit card transactions and scanned receipts and create an expense report automatically
  • Full multi-currency, real-time currency conversion and multiple-tax support
  • Full cash advance management
  • Built-in integration to account payable, account receivable, general ledger systems of all major accounting systems
  • Mobile-ready
  • Visual workflow-driven configuration makes setup and change easy
  • Easy to configure dashboards and extensive reports improve financial visibility and analysis

Project Costing & Budgeting Module

Streamline and Reduce Costs

Timesheet project costing & budgeting software substantially reduces costs and streamlines the chargeback/cost allocation process.  It provides accurate chargeback reports for instant cost visibility so you can recover project costs, fairly charge back other departments for accessing your services, measure shared resource consumption and justify your future budget requests.

Deploying simple, intuitive yet highly configurable project costing & budgeting software is one of the fastest ways you can create tremendous value for your organization. Automating the project costing process, and streamlining chargeback activities empowers your teams to focus on more important tasks and provides access to powerful project financial reports and analytics that leads to better decision making.

Benefits of this module include:

  • Automated project costing, budgeting, and chargeback process
  • More accurate chargeback reporting
  • Faster time to cost recovery
  • Improved resource allocation and forecasting accuracy

Billing & Invoicing Module

Automate your entire time and billing and revenue reporting process

Timesheet’s Billing & Invoicing module has been designed to automate your entire time and billing and revenue reporting process. The most important document you send to your client is the invoice. Keep their trust by making sure it is timely, accurate and reflects your true efforts.

With certified connections to your CRM and accounting system, an opportunity in CRM becomes a project in Timesheet.com where it is planned, budgeted, tracked and billed. Detailed or summary project cost and billing information is then posted to your financial system’s accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger modules. Dashboards, reports and notifications provide instant status updates and improve collaboration with your sales, delivery and accounting teams.


Benefits of this module include:

  • Flexible billing rules including hourly, fixed, cost plus, and date- or state-based milestone billing
  • Full multi-currency support for all billing rules
  • Custom notifications when budget thresholds are met
  • Optional workflow-driven approval of pre-bills and revenue reports
  • Client portal to view project status and pre-bill information
  • Define service banks, Service Purchase Orders (PO), associated to a project to generate pre-bills and track billable work against each PO
  • Custom invoicing cycles, invoice templates, and multi-client invoicing
  • Automatically calculates revenue for time and material, fixed price, and percent complete projects

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