What is a Mobile Wallet Pass?

Mobile wallet apps such as Apple Pay or Google Pay offer more than contactless payment options to consumers. They also conveniently store coupons, offers, tickets, gift cards, membership or loyalty cards, and more – otherwise known as mobile wallet passes – right in your customer’s mobile device, never to be misplaced or forgotten again. Unlike non-payment items in a physical wallet, the passes in your customer’s digital wallet are dynamic and can instantly be updated, remind customers when an offer is about to expire, or alert them to a nearby deal.

Drive Your Mobile Engagement Strategy


Coupons, Promotions
and Offers


Design and manage coupons, promotions, offers, and incentives then share them anywhere a URL can be posted.


Mobile-Enabled Loyalty
or Rewards Cards


Enroll customers, then post real-time reward-point updates and send members-only offers and notifications.


or Donor Cards


Build lasting relationships and save printing costs while ensuring your members always have access to their information.

Build Engaging Mobile Wallet Marketing Campaigns

Engage Your Customers with Location Triggered Alerts

  • Use location and proximity-based technology to deliver timely and relevant lock screen alerts
  • Increase your brand’s relevance by sending content that fits your customers without upsetting the balance of their lives
  • Alert customers to a nearby store where your wallet coupon can be redeemed

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Create One Centralized Location For Your Offers

  • Drive your mobile engagement strategy with dynamic, targeted, and effective mobile wallet passes
  • Increase customer acquisition, engagement, and retention with appealing, dynamic mobile wallet passes
  • Build engaging mobile wallet marketing campaigns to extend the reach, persistence, and conversions of your brand

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