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Reducing Telecom Expenses of Companies in Shared Service Environment

Company types vary a lot, going from small family businesses to international-scale giants. This of course implies many different types of IT and telecom inventories as well, and when a potential customer is approaching us, the first thing we do is to look at what makes their inventories specific, thus providing atailored services to their environment. Let’s see how recently, we had a particularly interesting experience with one of our clients, and how this helped us build a strong relationship with them.

One of our customers, an IT shared services provider that supports a group of companies, needed to concentrate on reducing their expenses, but in a different way, as shared services environments have specific requirements regarding IT and telecom management. With a constantly growing inventory in that field, they needed to reduce telecom expenses, to focus on more important tasks, and spend on projects that could help them provide first-class services to their immediate clients.

With the implementation of Cimpl, the company was able to use our customized reports to track the usage of its IT and telecom assets. These reports helped them get more visibility over the Cost of Ownership of all their devices and services. As they found that Cimpl was useful and did make their company more cost-effective regarding IT and telecom expenses, they decided to expand the usage of our services by outsourcing the whole management of their inventory to our Managed Services team.

With Managed Services, the inventory is now constantly being optimized, so the company is no longer concerned about the details of managing the services and assets, since we take care of it in its entirety. In total, this client has saved over $100,000 in one single year. And the savings are growing, as we constantly identify new areas of cost reductions through our ongoing processes of data centralization and services optimizations.

No matter what type of industry you’re in, and no matter what size your company is, you need a solution that will help you get more cost visibility on all of the devices and services you own in IT and telecom. Moreover, you won’t have to spend time and money on inefficient IT and telecom manual processes that keeps you from focusing on important projects. After choosing the right IT and telecom expense solutionand provider, putting the emphasis on the stimulating and promising projects is actually another thing that will make your company more cost effective and therefore more successful.

If you’d like to learn more about how we helped this company achieve reduce telecom expenses, we invite you to read the customer story we wrote on them, by downloading it in our customer stories section.

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