Upland Cimpl University – A Brand New Self-paced Online Training Portal!

May 15, 2020 2 minute read

Upland Admin

Increase your knowledge on Telecom and Wireless Expense Management with Upland Cimpl’s new training portal.

Upland Cimpl has launched a new webportal called Cimpl University Telecom and Wireless Management Training. It’s an online, self-paced course designed to help you get the most out of your telecom and wireless expense management tool. With many different courses to choose from, you get in depth tips and tricks on how to best utilize the Cimpl platform.

Upland Cimpl University – A Brand New Self-paced Online Training Portal for Telecom and Wireless Expense Management

The launch of this webpage helps our customers really dial into the Cimpl platform. It  provides them with the knowledge needed to manage their platform to the fullest, while learning at their own pace. We let you in on the best practices and tips so you really become a master of the platform. Organizations will be able to purchase individual courses for their specific learning needs.

Upland Cimpl helps you take back control of their Enterprise Digital Footprint™, breaking down hard dollar savings, automation savings, and inventory accuracy across all IT and telecom spend. Cimpl differentiates itself with an inventory-based, multi-tenant SaaS platform that offers a single portal to bring fixed wireline, data and infrastructure, wireless, cloud applications, Iaas services and other IT assets into one place. We help organizations.

Cimpl University is designed with you in mind – someone who is wanting to manage their telecom and wireless environment more effectively while allowing you to go at your own pace and choose the courses that will best help you. Start off with the basics and start your journey into becoming a Cimpl Master,or select our “à la carte” courses for a focused learning on a specific subject.

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