Extreme Networks Case Study

Centralize Content and Process at Scale

Extreme Networks leveraged Kapost during multiple acquisitions to align campaigns and rebrand marketing assets in record time.

The Challenge

Facing down three acquisitions in one year, Extreme Networks needed to align multiple teams around a centralized strategy. Keeping track of rebranding hundreds of assets using both internal resources and freelancers in spreadsheets just wasn’t scalable.

The Solution

With Kapost, the creation of marketing campaigns transformed from chaotic to streamlined with templatized workflows, established processes across teams and contributors, and a single source of truth for campaigns, deadlines, version updates, and strategic alignment.

Extreme Network’s Challenges

  • Multiple Teams to Align
  • Limited Processes and Workflows
  • Inability to Scale

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Onboarding, Expedited

Familiarizing new employees to the content creation process is quicker than ever with videos Jim MacLeod, director of creative and digital marketing, created for his team on how to use Kapost’s Studio and Gallery. New employees only need four and a half minutes of training and they are off to the races. Kapost alerts users when they’re up next in the workflow, making it easy to know immediately what their next task is.

Collaboration and Alignment, Simplified

Existing team members, new employees, and freelancers alike can now collaborate in one central area with immediate insight into the strategic context of each asset and campaign, smart workflows, and communication history with @mentions. With tracking all in one place, there’s no lost time searching for what has been done before or what needs to be done next as content switches hands.

Version Control, Optimized

Creating one central content repository inside Kapost allows Extreme Networks to make necessary updates in one place and publish those changes automatically to all linked versions. With content spread across so many platforms, Jim’s teams can be confident that the most recently updated—and approved—content is live everywhere.

The Right Content, Found in an Instant

Campaigns and content are no longer lost among the spreadsheets, email, and maze of hard drive folders. All teams from product to corporate to channel marketers now know with keyword, tag, and global search, so they can always find the right content for the right context at exactly the right time. No more wasted work on content that already exists!


Acquired three companies in one year

250 and growing rebranded assets in just one year

Twice as fast locating content

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