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Randstad Case Study

With Kapost, they found a strategic partner to build a content operation from the ground up.

Building a Content Operation with Kapost’s Professional Services

Randstad USA is a subsidiary of Randstad Holding, a €23.2 billion global provider of HR services that secures and manages a workforce of more than 100,000 people weekly.

Randstad USA faced visibility and strategic mapping challenges but knew technology alone wouldn’t be a silver bullet. In Kapost, they found a strategic partner to build a content operation from the ground up.

The Challenge

Skyler Moss, senior director of content marketing, was brought in to unify Randstad USA’s content operation. He realized that siloed teams, while moving quickly, couldn’t get ahead of the demand for new content. They had no visibility into workflows, weren’t able to measure their impact, and failed to map content to personas or buyer stages.

Planning, status reports, and campaigns were tracked in multiple spreadsheets, and published content got lost in the content chaos. How could Moss keep content production afloat while aligning teams to a unified content strategy and gathering valuable insights?

The Solution

Kapost’s professional services powered Randstad USA’s transformation. The Foundations Workshop allowed Randstad USA’s team to identify consistent taxonomy, content types, and workflows. Armed with this strategy, they could build a unified content operation that allowed the team to work smarter and, ultimately, deliver a cohesive customer experience.

Randstad’s Challenges
  • Limited Visibility of Workflow and Analytics
  • No Strategic Mapping
  • Content Chaos
Voice From Customer

“I was not sold on scheduling a two-day onsite Foundations Workshop. ‘Just give me a login and we’ll figure it out from there—remotely,’ was my exact quote. I’m glad the Kapost team didn’t listen to me! They know how to set their customers up for success, and the strategic session is the key to it all.” Skyler Moss
Sr. Director of Content Marketing at Randstad USA

“I’ve implemented a ton of different content, video, and automation platforms in my career, and hands down, this was the most worthwhile and necessary training that I’ve ever done. Kapost’s implementation team builds out everything for you in two days, and you’re ready to go immediately. Drink the Kapost-aid­—you won’t regret it.” Skyler Moss
Sr. Director of Content Marketing at Randstad USA

Identify the Pain Points

In the Foundations Workshop, Kapost’s professional services team gathered stakeholders in one room to discuss pain points and reach a consensus on how to streamline their content operation. Needs were then categorized and prioritized to drive a strategic software implementation. The team had talked about these issues in the past, but having someone there to guide the process and provide best practices transformed the conversation.

Define and Configure

With the team together, Randstad USA’s stakeholders thought about and categorized their content. With everyone’s input, the team agreed on seven custom taxonomy fields and several strategic categories that will inform their reports, content inventory, editorial calendar, publishing destination, and findability.

Crawl-Walk-Run Approach

Armed with a strategic plan and new taxonomy, Randstad USA created a Kapost pilot team made up of different departments that customized their unique workflows—all in one platform. Randstad USA is moving towards alignment, collaboration, and accessibility while breaking down silos and gathering reliable insights into content gaps and strengths. Building momentum, they plan to quickly expand their success to their many global teams.

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