3 Pinominal B2B Brands

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3 Pinominal B2B BrandsI’ll start off by making a confession: I’m a dude that really likes Pinterest. There, I said it. Pinterest has become a go-to place for everything from marketing infographics to concert posters I want to buy. Much attention has been given lately about how B2C brands are creatively using the platform to generate brand awareness and even purchases. Yet, B2B brands have been slow to adopt as a whole.

Below are 3 B2B brands who have figured out how to use Pinterest really well. These come as no surprise, as all 3 are in the Kapost50 as top content marketing brands.


ExactTarget’s Pinterest account features examples of quality marketing, and their board “Dropping Knowledge!” promotes valuable how-to resources. And most of what ExactTarget posts is from other people or companies, a refreshing departure from other corporate Pinterest pages. They also do a great job highlighting their employees and company culture, as well as profiling various marketers. ExactTarget shows that they see their customers as (wait for it…) real human beings (boom). They do this by including a few boards with useful pins on health and wellness, general inspiration, and even work fashion choices for women and men–which may as well have been pinned from my closet. In fact, I’m pretty much wearing exactly this right now.

Visit ExactTarget’s profile on Pinterest.


Intuit has a few separate, targeted Pinterest accounts including an Intuit Small Business profile and Intuit Accountants profile. Boards within those accounts include tips on hiring, job function-specific infographics and pictures from industry events. Intuit’s most popular profile, however, is their Intuit Careers profile. 34 boards highlight the company’s status as one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” by showcasing the people that make up the company. It also provides lifestyle tips and advice for potential job seekers. Plus, lots of pretty pictures of palm trees. Intuit’s focus on the individuals helps foster positive sentiment, and their focus on office locales no doubt aids their hiring process.

Visit Intuit Careers’s profile on Pinterest.

General Electric

GE has the most followers of anyone on this list, and after a quick look at their profile, it’s easy to see why. Their description reads “Pinning things that inspire us to build, power, move and cure the world.” And they definitely deliver. Every one of their boards focuses on inspiration and innovation and what role they play in building, powering, moving and curing the world. They also hold a variety of contests encouraging and incentivizing users to pin content, and they choose weekly winners from that pool of pinners. GE has figured out what keeps people coming back. I’m particularly fond of the Thomas Edison cameos throughout their boards, and the “Hey Girl” meme parody board.

Visit GE’s profile on Pinterest.

What sets these three companies apart is their understanding of their customers and how those customers engage on this particular channel. They’ve tapped into the type of content that most engages on Pinterest (inspiration, tips and tricks, visually appealing pins) and have created boards that go beyond a focus on selling their products, while finding clever ways to weave their messaging throughout.

If you’re looking for further Pinteresting content (see what I did there?), you can follow our official Kapost Pinterest profile. You’ll find everything from examples of great content marketing to must read books to pretty pictures of mountains to memes. Definitely some memes.

Visit Kapost’s profile on Pinterest.

ExactTarget, Intuit & GE aren’t the only B2B brands pinning with excellence. What others have you seen? What do you like about them?

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